Knifemaker Bogutskiy Sergei

Knifemaker Bogutskiy Sergei

Year of birth.




Since what year started production of knives.

When started – just hard to say, the very first attempts were in 1994-1995.

For some reason, I took up the matter.

Knives have always liked me, since childhood … At some point I realized that I want and I can do it.

What style prefers and why.

Other – I do not like monotony, so long did not even two identical works. In recent years, often working in a Scandinavian style.

What materials are used and why.

All sorts of – since preferences are different, and I’m trying to implement the wishes of each client.

Which target audience oriented.

At all not indifferent to the blades – from the collectors to the casual user.

Does the knife itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

Knives are made completely than forged, as well as doing the work of the materials of the customer and collaborating with other artists.

Whether it is the main occupation.

Currently, it is the main type of activity.

Education (specialty).

Higher education, specialty: Heating, metrologist.


After the organizers of the show “Steel Edge”