Knifemaker Schulan Vladislav

Knifemaker Schulan Vladislav

Year of birth.



Mezhgore, Transcarpathian region.

Since what year started production of knives.

In 2010, the first experiments.

For some reason, I took up the matter.

Always I liked working with iron, somehow it all by itself.

What style prefers and why.

I prefer modern trends.

What materials are used and why.

Materials are different, wood, bone, horn, etc. Blades are made of powder super prefer bystrorezov.

Which target audience oriented.

Absolutely all who are not indifferent to good knives.

Does the knife itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

I personally Kuyu all swords and spend a heat treatment, with me running my brother, he has been fine-tuning blades and handles assembly.

Whether it is the main occupation.

Yes, this is the main activity.

Education (specialty).

Fitter electrician.


After organizers knife show “Steel Edge”