Knifemaker Fedoryak Peter

Knifemaker Fedoryak Peter

Year of birth.



from. Diligence, Mirgorod district, Poltava region

Since what year started production of knives.

10 years at least, until this has been artistic forging. In 1992 he put his horn.

For some reason, I took up the matter.

His father worked as a blacksmith, so that children experience prompted, always presented himself as a blacksmith. And the nature of the work perfect, I have an income adequate to the developed industrial regions and at the same time live in the province.

What style prefers and why.

Like the Japanese style. We make a replica of the early Middle Ages in Eastern Europe. Axes and Vikings knives. All interesting, different cultures – different technologies.

What materials are used and why.

Damascus cook himself. Damask cooked – not mine. Industrial steel take on Metal.

Which target audience oriented.

Collectors, master nozhedely.

Does the knife itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

I finished work is rarely done. My job – blade. But for art forging Try not to lose the qualification and at least once a month to take the order.

Whether it is the main occupation.

Yes, this is the main activity. Worked as a master of the art of forging, then he switched to knives, turned, knives interesting.

Education (specialty).

Teacher, mathematics and geometry.

Died 07.31.2014 year.