Knifemaker Leshchuk Oleg

Knifemaker Leshchuk Oleg

Year of birth.




Since what year started production of knives.

I am a blacksmith. Since 1997, I began to try to make blades.

For some reason, I took up the matter.

First became interested in historical reconstruction, Europe, 13th century, Ancient Rus. I got to like-minded club.

What style prefers and why.

Knives do in ethno style. Regional preferences not take the idea and reinterprets it. No particular order is not adhered to a strict ethnic details.

What materials are used and why.

For sticks – bone, sometimes using exotic woods, but most of us, such as bog oak, caps. For blades try to buy certified steel.

Which target audience oriented.

Masters, fans, everyone who wants to collect the knife.

Does the knife itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

50/50 do and blades, and finished goods.

Whether it is the main occupation.

Main job.

Education (specialty).

Historian by profession.


After organizers knife show “Steel Edge”.