Knifemaker Lyakh Alexei

Knifemaker Lyakh Alexei

Year of birth.




I started knives made with a year.

It all started as a hobby in 2004 (made the first knife), although knives interested before. Hobbies took shape in 2010, and from 2013 to fully flowed into my life.

For some reason, took up the matter.

Always I have been interested in knives and even more desire to make himself a knife.

What style you prefer and why.

Classic hunting knife – a practicality and convenience. But like you to make knives and contemporary forms.

What materials are used and why.

From steel I prefer modern, from trusted manufacturers – expected, guaranteed, stable result. For sticks – synthetic, stabilized or exotic wood, horn. For cases and sheath – leather.

What kind of target audience oriented.

The widest circle – hunters, collectors and amateurs of knives.

Do knife Makes itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

From monostaley I prefer to do myself – from slesarki blade sheath to sew. If desired, get a knife from the author’s appeal to the blade smiths – Storeroom Vladislav, Yasinetsky Leonid Leshchuk Oleg, Sergey Bunyak.

Is this the main occupation.

This is the main occupation.

Education (specialty).

By training a design engineer and economist.


After organizers knife show “Steel Edge”.