Knifemaker Stetsenko Stanislav

Knifemaker Stetsenko Stanislav

Year of birth.




I started knives made with a year.

Interested since childhood, but consciously engage began in late 2014.

For some reason, took up the matter.

It’s hard to explain. I have long pondered, hesitated, was motivated by the knowledge and advice of more experienced artists, and eventually came to the conclusion that I want to do it. Probably tvorchestvo- is the main reason.

What style you prefer and why.

I try to gradually encompass and develop in different directions, to eventually work in his own style with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What materials are used and why.

I prefer practicality, but not to the detriment of appearance and character of the knife. To use composite sticks stabilized materials or wood least exposed to atmospheric influence, the horn in the process of learning and metals. The choice is entirely steel blade determines the style and objectives. Currently I am working with modern rolling or powder steel.

What kind of target audience oriented.

I do not put yourself to the framework. Everyone, sooner or later want a knife, and my task is to make a good helper in the kitchen or a trusted friend in the campaign, on the hunt.

Do knife Makes itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

I start with a pencil and a blank sheet (drawing – this is the best way for me to understand the knife), finishing a ready product. To do everything himself except for the heat treatment. I prefer this work to provide the people who provide the highest quality result.

Is this the main occupation.

The main activity – is music. Nozhedelie – hobby with potential.

Education (specialty).

Graduate music, orchestra player.


After organizers knife show “Steel Edge”.