Knifemaker Bel’kov Alexey

Knifemaker Bel'kov Alexey

Year of birth.



Ivanovka village, Chernihiv region

Since what year started production of knives.

The first knife made in class 9 of the Swedish blades for planing, sensibly started doing in the early 2000s.

For some reason, I took up the matter.

Always like knives, a child always carry a triptych, and even in the office of the army did not part with the old folding knife with celluloid lining. Knife assistant and friend, always fun to do something new, it is always interesting to communicate with people, which implies the knife.

What style prefers and why.

Probably, all the same classic shapes and do artovskoy things, but do not often get to do.

What materials are used and why.

I love uglerodku, old, good carbon steel … I like to work with Damascus, with Bulat, that is made by man, master, what is the soul lives. At the same handle trying to put the traditional wood, horn, although of course the modern materials are more practical and more in demand. But with carbon steel blade of a good blacksmith, with a beautiful wooden handle in leather sheath – what could be better?

Which target audience oriented.

For those who loves and understands the knives.

Does the knife itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

I have not done completely knives. I believe that everyone should do what he can do better than others, but we must be able to assemble a team, a team, to know who to call.

Whether it is the main occupation.


Education (specialty).

Civil diploma teacher of history and social science.


After the organizers of the show “Steel Edge”.