Knifemaker Verizhnikov Gregory

Knifemaker Verizhnikov Gregory

Year of birth.




I started knives made with a year.

In 2005, the first experiments.

For some reason, took up the matter.

In 2005 he joined the club of historical reconstruction and there was a need in the manufacture of objects made of metal.

What style you prefer and why.

Personally, I prefer the authentic ancient Russian and Scandinavian style. Recently, we work in modern ways.

What materials are used and why.

Materials are different, give preference to natural materials, wood, bone, horn. Blades bought mainly from Damascus.

What kind of target audience oriented.

Hooked people knife art.

Do knife Makes itself in whole or in cooperating with blacksmiths and other craftsmen.

I personally Kuyu all swords and spend a heat treatment, with me running a number of artists who are engaged in the processing and assembly of locksmith.

Is this the main occupation.

Yes, this is the main activity.

Education (specialty).

Automation and computer-integrated technologies.


After organizers knife show “Steel Edge”.